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  • Large Blue Plaid Basket

    Large Blue Plaid Basket

    Item Code: LBPB9
    • Small peach Sparkling grape juice
    • Swiss Selection chocolate bar
    • Box designer's chocolate
    • Cone bag of Milk caramel taffies
    • Box of chocolate covered wafers
    • 4 sectional chocolate and candy platter
    • Chocolate leaves
    • Chocolate bark
    • Purim mask

    sale $95.00

    reg. $110.00

    Out of stock

  • Brown and Orange Box

    Brown and Orange Box

    Item Code: BOB2
    • Medium size box of designer chocolate
    • Small box of chocolate wafer rolls
    • KLIK chocolate bar
    • Bag of Jelly Beans
    • Bag of ZAZA candies
    • Sparkling Peach Grape juice

    sale $26.00

    reg. $40.00

    Out of stock

  • Muffin tin

    Muffin tin

    Item Code: MT1
    • Small box of waffer rolls
    • Brown KLIK chocolate bag
    • Cone bag candy - multi-colored
    • 3 Zazers chewy taffy - orange

    sale $15.00

    reg. $25.00

  • Red And Grey Box

    Red And Grey Box

    Item Code: RGB3
    • Small Sparkling concord grape juice
    • Half moon chocolate covered cookies
    • Red Swiss Select chocolate bar
    • Box Designer's chocolate
    • Chocolate covered raisins
    • Red and white wrap fruit Softee candies
    • Individually wrapped white and purple chocolate Delight

    sale $35.00

    reg. $50.00

    Out of stock

  • Floral Tin

    Floral Tin

    Item Code: FT1
    • Small box of waffer rolls
    • Red KLIK milk chocolate bag
    • Red bag candy - red only
    • 3 Zazers chewy taffy

    sale $15.00

    reg. $25.00

  • Orange Tin Planter

    Orange Tin Planter

    Item Code: OTP2
    • Large bag of chocolate cookies
    • Shmerling Rosmarie Caramel bar
    • Cone bag of chocolate pops
    • Carmel taffies
    • Sparkling Peach Grape juice

    sale $20.00

    reg. $36.00

    Out of stock

  • Tall Cream Mug

    Tall Cream Mug

    Item Code: TCM1
    • Shmerling's Choco Blanc chocolate bar
    • Bag yellow Softee taffies
    • Cone bag chocolate covered raisins

    sale $18.00

    reg. $26.00

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