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  • Silver Apple Chocolate Charger

    Silver Apple Chocolate Charger

    Item Code: RHSACC
    • Assorted chocolate
    • Assorted chocolate bark
    • Large honey jar
    • Non-edible decorative apple

    sale $45.00

    reg. $65.00

  • Large Gold Chevron Basket

    Large Gold Chevron Basket

    Item Code: RHLGCB
    • Oppenheimer Belgian Wafer Flutes
    • Swiss Selection Premium chocolate
    • Large box designers chocolate
    • 4 Sectional chocolate and candy platter
    • Alprose Napolitains Mix chocolate
    • Small bag of honey candies
    • Honey jar
    • Non-edible decorative apple and honey dipper

    sale $76.00

    reg. $100.00

  • Small Gold Chocolate Square

    Small Gold Chocolate Square

    Item Code: RHSGCS
    • Almond chocolate bark
    • Chocolate coated jelly rings
    • Chocolate covered marshmallow
    • Honey sticks

    sale $18.00

    reg. $25.00

  • Beige & White Striped Basket

    Beige & White Striped Basket

    Item Code: RHBWSB
    • Paskesz Choco Bliss mint fudge cookies
    • Medium size box designers chocolate
    • 4 sectional chocolate platter
    • Package of honey candies
    • Medium size honey jar
    • Non-edible decorative apples

    sale $52.00

    reg. $75.00

  • Large Elegant Chocolate Display

    Large Elegant Chocolate Display

    Item Code: RHLECD
    • Assorted chocolate bark
    • Viennese crunch
    • Assorted chocolate
    • Honey jar
    • Non-edible decorative apple
    • Honey dipper

    sale $125.00

    reg. $150.00

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