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  • Blue Candy Pot

    Blue Candy Pot

    Item Code: BCP2
    • Bag of taffies
    • KLIKS chocolate
    • Blue chocolate Coated Pretzels
    • Jelly Beans
    • Gummy Worms
  • Bright Paisley Box

    Bright Paisley Box

    Item Code: BPB2
    • Box of French Twists
    • Red KLIK chocolate bag
    • Cherry gummy candies
    • Fruit Candies
    • Sparkling Peach Grape juice

    Out of stock

  • Green Square Basket

    Green Square Basket

    Item Code: GSB2
    • Small Sparkling peach grape juice
    • Shtix Elite chocolate bar
    • Bag Moroccan cookies
    • Cone bag colorful non-perils
    • Small bag pear and lemon fruit candy
    • Individually wrapped gold Delight chocolate

    Out of stock

  • Large Cream Rope Basket

    Large Cream Rope Basket

    Item Code: LCRB3
    • Small Sparkling peach grape juice
    • Milk chocolate coated wafer
    • 4 pc box chocolate
    • Yellow KLIK bag
    • Small cello bag colorful non-perils
  • Orange Tin Planter

    Orange Tin Planter

    Item Code: OTP2
    • Large bag of chocolate cookies
    • Shmerling Rosmarie Caramel bar
    • Cone bag of chocolate pops
    • Carmel taffies
    • Sparkling Peach Grape juice

    sale $20.00

    reg. $36.00

    Out of stock

  • Pink Candy Pot

    Pink Candy Pot

    Item Code: PCP2
    • Bag of KLIK chocolate
    • Red and pink sour candy lips
    • Red sour balls
    • Taffy Crush candies
    • Pink chocolate covered pretzels
  • Medium Blue Plaid Bsket

    Medium Blue Plaid Bsket

    Item Code: MBPB6
    • Large box Danish Biscuits
    • Large box designer's chocolate
    • Milk Chocolate Leaves
    • Shmerling's Swiss Milk Hazelnut chocolate bar
    • Cone cello chocolate pebbels - multi colored
    • chocolate bark
    • Large bottle of Eska water bottle

    Out of stock

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